Foaming Sugar Scrub

Foaming Sugar Scrub

This scrub looks and smells amazing!


Each layer is packed full of skin-nourishing ingredients to leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. If your looking for an all-in-one exfoliant that doubles as a body wash and moisturizer then this is for you!


It's light and fluffy texture is what makes this product a must-try!!


This product is appropriate for ALL skin types (dry, oily, sensitive, combination, normal). This is paraben and MPG free.


  • How to Use

    Suggested Usage:

    • Scoop out the desired amount, apply it to the body in a circular motion. The product will quickly foam.
    • Continue rubbing the product on the skin until the desired level of exfoliation is reached. Rinse with water.
    • Pat dry with a towel.


    • Use caution when using the product in the shower. The contents are oil-based and can be slippery!
    • Do not use on broken/open skin
    • Do not ingest
    • Store in cool, dry place out of direct sunlight


  • Ingredients

    Glycerin, aqua, sodium cocoyl isethionate, disodium lauryl sulfosuccinate, sorbitol, organic cane sugar, organic coconut oil, fragrance